Initiated by South African based communications company ManleySocial Pty Ltd; the Black Cellar Club (BLACC) was launched in September 2016 in Cape Town.
Having listened to and participated in many passionate discussions about wine and the wine industry with his colleagues in the South African wine and spirits industry, Ian Hamilton Manley, owner of ManleySocial realised that there was a genuine need for an independent not for profit organisation that would reach out to persons, particularly those that had been previously economically disadvantaged, in southern Africa and further afield  who were interested in furthering their wine knowledge to benefit their respective careers.  So, together with well known and accredited sommeliers in the region, BLACC was borne.

Founded in 2016, BLACC is a registered not for profit company seeking to bridge the gap between existing stakeholders within the South African wine and greater beverage sector – using its considerable network and skilled executive team for the broader benefit of the country’s wine and spirits producing industry. Central to BLACC’s mission is the promotion of the responsible use of alcohol through a series of planned and informative annual engagements between the public and its members.

BLACC’s current executive board:

Ian Hamilton Manley (Founder)

Wellington Muromba (Chairman)

Denzel Swarts (Vice Chairman)

Tuanni Price (Director of Education)

Kathryn Rae

Pardon Taguzu (Head of BLACC Central Europe)


BLACC hosted its inaugural festival in November 2018 in Langa, South Africa’s oldest ‘township’. A 1st Class event that specifically targeted the South African black consumer had never been arranged prior to this occasion. BLACC Fest X Langa was a triumph of a success and a first on many levels.

In 2019 the club co-hosted BLACC Imbizo X Maboneng in collaboration with the South African produced documentary-movie and book, The Colour of Wine.

In November 2021 BLACC will showcase a stellar selection of South African premium wines and spirits at the new Makers Landing in the V&A Waterfront. BLACC Fest X Makers Landing will be a dynamic and contemporary festival that places the spotlight on independent entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry as South Africa emerges from the global COVID-19 pandemic.




To apply for BLACC membership or any other enquiries, contact Ian Hamilton Manley via ian@blackcellarclub.com